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What is the best food at Pho A.V? - Vietnamese Restaurant 85032

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Pho A.V has many dishes that you will like to taste. But What is the best food at Pho A.V? Do you wanna know. Let's check it out - Vietnamese Restaurant 85032

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So many customers of Pho A.V agree that Pho is the best food among many dishes here.


So, we gonna check it out why they like this food.

"Dined in a couple weeks back... Egg rolls were fresh & tasty. Ate Pho Tai and it was mighty tasty. They have delicious broth & abundant portion sizes. We'll be back!"

(5/5 star - Breahna Williams)

"I don't usually write food reviews but for this spot I had to! I ordered the chicken pho and I was delighted with the speed and taste! The appetizers of dumplings and egg rolls were definitely some of the best i've ever had. Also, the workers are very nice and add a pleasant atmosphere to the restraunt! 10/10 will revisit and reccomend to friends and family for years to come!!"

(5/5 star - Killin VVS)

"Great place for Pho! Regular and XLarge portions. Fresh hot and quick! Enjoy!"

(5/5 star - Heath Hudson)

"FAVORITE PHO in the entire valley. Authentic, great broth, sweet owners."

(5/5 star - Natalie Silverstein)

"I should've taken photos. The pho broth is delicious and fragrant, and the add-in portions are generous. Also, the peanut dipping sauce for the spring rolls is tops!"

(5/5 star - Anita McCoy)

"My son loves this place! Best Pho I've ever had. Every time I go, it seems to get better every time. The dumplings are so good with the sauce. So Yummy.You also can't go wrong with the Thai tea or the mango/strawberry boba!"

(5/5 star - Lorraine Fernandez)

Have ordered from here a few times now. It’s always delicious. I recently ordered the pork egg roll, veggie pho with veggie broth, coconut juice, and jasmine tea. The pho broth was delicate but flavorful and came with a tray of fresh veggies, herbs, and noodles. The portions are a good size. The pork egg roll was fried perfectly and came with a light but delicious dipping sauce. Received a fresh Thai coconut, cracked it open, and drank the lightly sweet juice. And now I have a nice big glass of tea. Perfect meal and delicious!"

(5/5 star - Celeste Cesario)

"Pho amazing but the fried rice was even better great service I recommend"

(5/5 star - Clinton Turner)

"Great Pho and nice to have some at a reasonable price in north Phoenix."

(5/5 star - Matt Julian)

"This is my #2 favorite Pho place to go to. Everything it's fresh and so delicious! If I'm in a hurry, I call in my order and let me tell you, it is always accurate! I love it!"

(5/5 star - Sandy Ojeda)

"Great experience, first time having Pho. The soup was great, the meat tender, the sauce to add to it at the table was plentiful and with much variaty and the greens to at to the soup were abundant and looked fresh. The service was cordial and patiently explained the menu to me. The server did not speak English but had the greatest smile while serving the plates Delicious and recommended"

(5/5 star - Wasim Moughaouiche)

"Absolutely wonderful pho. Nice big proportions, really tasty broth, lots of meat and vegetables. Spring rolls are amazing, too. I was really impressed."

(5/5 star - Chris Bryson)

Vietnamese restaurant very well done. I had cashew chicken. The pho was soup welcoming and soothing."

(5/5 star - Joseph Urlacher)

"I crave this place!! Best pho in north valley! The regular size is huge and they give you so much veggies! I've tried the L and it was just a bit bigger than the regular. I always have two dinners with the regular. Fast service, even in their dining area they always seem busy but if you call ahead food is ready in 10 mins! Such a sweet family-run business. They don't accept Amex."

(5/5 star - Rachael Neel)

If you want great Pho without any formality, you will not be disappointed! Try the spring rolls as an app!"

(5/5 star - Rudy T)

"Affordable and the best pho in Phoenix"

(5/5 star - Lauren L)

"Fast and friendly service. The prices are reasonable and the Pho is amazing. Usually busy, but we've never had to wait to be seated or to be served. Looks to be a family-owned/ran business which makes it that much better. I used to live in the area but will always drive out of my way when I'm craving Pho. It's definitely worth the drive."

(5/5 star - Brenda Carlos)

"Went in for a pho fix. I ordered #7 beed pho. I got the large which i was u able to finish. For lunch i recommend the small. I arrived at 2pm. I was the only.one there, and my bowl came very quick. Delicious."

(4/5 star - Chuck MacTavish)

This place is one of my wife's favorites. She loves Vietnamese food. The broth's are amazing and they prepare the pho very well. We always order completely vegetarian options and it is always very delicious. Definitely worth a visit. Highly recommended. The staff are very friendly and we have never had a bad experience. Regular customers."

(5/5 star - Miguel)

"Hands down the BEST Pho. I order pho once a week from this place. Friendly staff, always clean, and the food is always delicious. I highly recommend it, You wont be disappointed. Enjoy!"

(5/5 star - Veroulina Kesto)

"Great pho with fresh ingredients. Not expensive either. Friendly staff."

(5/5 star - benjamin petru)

"Best Pho' you can get anywhere and I've eaten at my share of Pho' restaurants in different cities. Rice noodle stir fry dishes are excellent too. Super clean restaurant, reasonable prices and the owners are great especially Ivy she is a sweetheart. You can't miss going here I eat here 5 days a week minimum and its awesome every time."

(5/5 star - Brandon Hearn)

"This is our first time here and it was a wonderful experience. We had the fried rice pork, pho, and the chow fun noodles.. the chow fun is a bomb! you can tell that they cook with a fresh ingredient.. my kids love the egg rolls and steamed dumplings.. the ambiance is great, clean, and fresh flowers. And the restroom is clean too!"

(5/5 star - Ditchie Meryl)

"Best Pho in Arizona! The second time we've been and it is so delish, just a perfect balance of flavors and super sweet folks. You must try it."

(5/5 star - Charis KeAlohilani)

"This is our 2nd visit to Pho A.V. We have tried other places in the area and this is our favorite! Absolutely delish! Good portions. Great flavor! Yum!'

(5/5 star -  Lynette Woode)

"Best PHO in PHX! Great prices very large portions! A welcoming family that runs it, must go if u luv PHO!"

(5/5 star - brian streu)

So many customers agree that Pho is the best food at Pho A.V

Moreover, We've gained the prize of food "Recommend on restaurant GURU 2020"

So, why don't you come to Pho A.V to taste the traditional food in Viet Nam - Pho (Noodle Soup)