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What is Lunch Special at Pho A.V?- Vietnamese Restaurant 85032

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Located conveniently in Phoenix, AZ 85032, Pho A.V - our Vietnamese restaurant is famous for the very freshest dishes. Our best menu: Beef Noodle Soup, Vermicelli Bowls, Rice Noodles, Rice, Beverages ...

What is Lunch Special at Pho A.V?

Try one of our Delicious Specials Today. Lunch specials are served until 4 pm.
Phở Meal Special
Includes 1 Bowl of Pho (slightly smaller than regular size), your Choice of 1 Spring roll or 1 Egg Roll, and your choice of 1 can of Soda.(non-available for #15)
+1$ for #6 Special Pho and #16 Seafood Pho. Not included #15 Oxtail Pho

What is the price of Lunch Special?

It's 8.99$/bowl

To get more info or booking table for tasting lunch special 85032, please contact us via :

3202 E Greenway Rd Ste 1289 Phoenix, AZ 85032

We look forward to serving you at Vietnamese Restaurant 85032

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